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Date What's New?
11 Aug 2013 Some long overdue updates to the Gallery, mainly to the South Australia galleries.
18 Dec 2012 Lots of updates to the gallery over the past week or so. In particular, I've updated:
Mostly not new photos ... some from last year. Better late than never, though.
29 Jan 2012 Updated the links page
16 Dec 2011 I have added some new galleries for France. Some have been newly added today, a number were added earlier but not listed here. New galleries include:
Chateau-Chalon, Jura, France
Arbois, Jura, France
Chartres, France
Also updated:
Beaune, Burgundy, France
Pommard, Burgundy, France
Paris, France
Hope to have some new Australian & UK photos up sooner rather than later...
9 Jul 2011 I have found some higher resolution copies of old scans of images in the gallery, which I'll gradually be uploading to replace some of the smaller picture files. The Poland - Szczawa gallery is the first to get new images. I've also added EXIF data using exiftool, so jalbum can add camera, lens, etc to those photos. I still have lots of slides and negatives that would be good to scan and add to the galleries... but no scanner.
More up-to-date, I've added a few more pictures to the Australia - Queensland - Gold Coast Hinterland gallery.
Also, the gallery has changed so you can now navigate between photos by using the scroll wheel on your mouse, or the arrow keys on your keyboard.
11 Feb 2011 I am going to publish some photography books using Lulu. More details on my photography page.
11 Jan 2011 New galleries:
Pulbourough Brooks RSPB Reserve, Sussex, UK
Brighton, Sussex, UK
I have also updated my page on running Debian on the Sun Ultra 5
9 Jan 2011 New galleries:
Daylesford, Victoria, Australia
Blanchland, Northumberland, UK
Beaminster, Dorset, UK
Updated galleries:
Sissinghurst, Kent, UK
Tindale Gardens, Mt Dandenong, Victoria, Australia (note that I had previously misspelt this as Tindall Gardens... I have corrected the spelling, but this will break some old links)
Hampstead, London, UK
Hexham, Northumberland, UK
14 Nov 2010 New today:
Rhône Valley
The New Forest.
Also, yesterday I was attacked by a typo and managed to spell Champagne as 'Champange'. Ooops. The new, correct URL for the Champagne gallery is of course http://gallery.wodewose.org/France/Champagne/. I also added a couple of photos to the the Champagne, Loire and Burgundy galleries that I had forgotten to include yesterday.
13 Nov 2010 Lots of updates planned for my photo gallery. In the France gallery, the Champagne, Loire and Burgundy galleries are all new. The Rhône Valley and Bordeaux galleries are just placeholders for now, but will have photos real soon now, I promice... Also more photos of the UK and Australia to come...
17 Jan 2010 In the first update for the new year, I've added to my wine notes, including a new page on some Syrah/Shiraz wines.
4 Oct 2009 I added a gallery of photos of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. For some reason, I had previously spelt Belair as Bellaire, but it now is spelt correctly and hence this gallery can now be found here.
3 Oct 2009 Quite a few changes to the South Australia gallery. I created an Adelaide Hills gallery, which now also includes the subgalleries for Belaire and Mt Lofty (these used to be included in with Adelaide). There is also now a McLaren Vale and a Barossa Valley gallery too.
2 Oct 2009 I have quite a backlog of photos to add. I just added a few more of Borough Market, in the Southwark gallery. I also just added a new gallery, for Hampstead, which so far just has photos of Hampstead Heath.
2 Oct 2009 I added some random links/ideas about wine, under interests. I've got a lot of photos to add too, should start on some of those...
22 Jun 2009 New galleries:
UK - Corbridge
Australia - Stanthorpe
Not new, but with new photos:
UK - Hexham
UK - Greenwich and Blackheath
UK - Southwark
Australia - Warwick and Cunningham's Gap
UK - London - several new subgalleries, and quite a number of new photos
Also did some general tidying of galleries.
21 Jun 2009 After having done nearly nothing for a year, things are changing. The layout of the site is being messed around with, and the site is moving to www.gavinduley.org. I have also added some more images to the following galleries:
Greenwich & Blackheath
Newcastle-upon-Tyne & Gateshead
And added the following new galleries:
Hyde Park
27 Sept 2008 Exactly a month since my last update, I have now added a gallery for Adelaide, given that I now have some photos of this city ;-)
27 Aug 2008 Many, many new photos in the gallery, in the Melbourne and Sydney galleries. I have also updated my page on running Debian on the Sun Ultra 5.
9 June 2008 Since I had ~30 minutes spare today, I scanned a few old photos. I really need more time to do this, I have many good images on film. Unfortunately I lack a good quality scanner, so image quality is not as good as it could be. Galleries with new images are: Avebury, Wales and Hampshire.
6 June 2008 Uploaded a new version of the New England gallery
4 June 2008 Added gallery of photos of a foggy morning in Brisbane
5 May 2008 At long last added some images to the gallery. These inlcude some of Melbourne from last year, some more of Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The most recent are of the Buddha's Birthday 2008 in Brisbane and of Binna Burra.
12 Feb 2008 This site was sort of neglected whilst I was undertaking my honours degree. Since I've finished that, it's now getting a well-earned face-lift. A number of things are changing, and some new stuff is being added. Two examples -- there is now a weblog, and I am now using server side includes for the menus.
1 July 2007 After being pretty much dead for a long time, this site is finally getting an update! Well, at least, it's getting a new gallery. I was never completely happy with the PHP based gallery software I was running -- I'd rather something that ran on my own computer, and generated static HTML pages. This puts less load on sdf-eu, and removes any possible security risks inherent with the PHP gallery. It also allows me to keep a copy on my laptop for offline viewing.

The system is not without problems. There are a few, older images that it just chokes on and will not process. These are obvious as missing images in a few galleries. Also, since it gets details like Camera and date from EXIF info (or file info, where EXIF info is missing), these are wrong for older non-digital shots. Where camera data is shown, it's for the scanner. Date is date of scanning. This is a bit silly but anyway. The date bit I can fix, and probably will as soon as I can be bothered.

Another advantage is that I've used larger sized images, where possible. For many of the older photos, I no longer have the original scans so this is not easily possible. Rescanning is in order, I guess. As soon as I can be bothered :-(

These problems aside, I hope you like the new gallery. The rest of the site needs a bit of a face lift too -- I need more time!
16 Feb 2006 [1:35am] The new gallery is up and running. I'll probably go back and add more detailed descriptions and comments to at least some of the photos. It'll probably also take a little while till everything is working gallery-wise on the site, but it's nearly there.
15 Feb 2006 The gallery has now been changed to use Gallery software, which should make it easier for me to add new images when I want to. I haven't yet put the UK galliers up yet. At the moment the old gallery can still be viewed at http://gpd.sdf-eu.org/old-gallery/.
11 Nov 2005 Just added some pictures to the Red Rock gallery. The way my gallleries work at the moment is a bit labour-intensive to update, I should start looking around for some software to do it all for me(tm).
6 Sept 2005 Just wasted some time writing another silly article about photography. So far, that's about one every 1.5 years, that seems a good average ;-). Its asks the question What is a 'good camera'? and is that even important? The article is available in HTML, PDF and LaTeX. I also moved my photography writing to Writing.
6 Sept 2005 Been a little while since I added anything to the site... but I've been slowly working away at a new gallery - the New Zealand gallery. It's finally sort-of together, so I've just uploaded it. It contains five new photos, from my visit to New Zealand in January/February 2005. Hopefully I'll get time to add more images to it sooner rather than later. There won't be many of Christchurch for the moment, as most of my photos of that aren't scanned, and are about 300miles away from me at the moment... At some point soon, I think I'll remove the Image of the Month page. It was a good idea when I had time to update the site more regularly, but at the moment I don't, so it quickly becomes embarrasingly out of date.
21 Feb 2005 Added another whole page of new photos to the UK - London gallery. Again.
Of the London gallery, pages 1 and 2 have the photos from my most recent revisit.
19 Feb 2005 Added another whole page of new photos to the UK - London gallery. I also changed the icon for the London gallery on the main UK gallery. I also took the photos of Brugge out of the EU - Oostende, Belgium gallery, and put them in a new EU - Brugge, Belgium gallery.
At some point in the past, too, I put up a few pictures of Singapore, so I may as well mention that now even though it's not really new any more...
16 Feb 2005 For the first new work for the new year, I added some images to the Australia - Gold Coast and Gold Coast Hinterland gallery.
24 Sept 2004 Added a page to the Australia - New England, NSW gallery.
23 Sept 2004 Added the Armidale at night section.
10 July 2004 Added the Australia - Brisbane, QLD gallery. Also put up a new Image of the Month, dated ahead for August (who me, cheating? ;-).).
7 July 2004 Added the "Picture a day" project gallery.
14 April 2004 Added three images to the Europe - Brugge gallery, and one to the UK - Cornwall gallery. Also added several new quotes to the Inspirtational quotes page
13 April 2004 Still haven't gotten around to checking the broken links :-(. Added two more images to the Australia - New England, NSW gallery. Also added Image of the Month for April.
10 Mar 2004 Been very busy lately, but I know there are some issues with broken links in some of the galleries, which I should attend to asap. Today I added a banner for the RPS Forum on my main page, as well as a link to my University's website.
23 Jan 2004 Moved site to http://gpd.sdf-eu.org/, hosted by SDF-EU Public Access Unix System.
16 Jan 2004 Added Australia - Sydney gallery.
15 Jan 2004 Changed the name of the Australia - Mount Tambourine Gallery to the Australia - Gold Coast and Gold Coast Hinterland gallery, so I could add photos taken in other parts of the Gold Coast area without adding another gallery. Also added three more images to the gallery.
15 Jan 2004 Ongoing problems with hosting on Yahoo! have forced me to move the site. Still having problems with the new service, probably because my account hasn't been "validated" yet. Anyway, today I added the Poland - Szczawa gallery, with three new (well, new to this site) images. Good grief, these are images from 1999. I explain why I took so long to put them up on the gallery. It's worth noting that I didn't even have this site, or any site, in '99. The Image of the Month is still embarrasingly out of date.
28 Sept 2003 Good grief! Not only have I not done much work on this site this month, but just about none of them were uploaded to the site. Although some galleries still need work, uploading it all asap. The image of the month for September is only just now appearing, so it will now be Image of the Month for October.
28 Sept 2003 Added some more images to the UK - Kent gallery.
27 Sept 2003 Added some more images to the UK - London gallery.
7 Sept 2003 Added some links to the pre-exisiting but under-linked UK - Miscellaneous gallery.
7 Sept 2003 Added two new images to the UK - Norfolk gallery.
7 Sept 2003 Added the Image of the Month for September.
7 Sept 2003 Added nine new photos to the Australia - Melbourne, VIC gallery.
6 Sept 2003 Rearranged the UK - London gallery, to put newer images first.
8 July 2003 Added eight new photos to the Australia - New England, NSW gallery. I also created a redirect page for the New England Gallery, which gives it a more memorable URL (for handing out to friends) - http://au.geocities.com/gpduley/gallery/newengland/
13 June 2003 Added the Australia - Mount Tambourine, QLD gallery.
13 June 2003 Updated the Image of the Month, predating it to July, as I missed the start of June ;-).
12 June 2003 Added some extra photos to the Australia - Melbourne, VIC gallery.
12 June 2003 Added some extra photos to the second page of the UK - London gallery.
12 June 2003 Added an extra page to the UK - Cornwall gallery.
12 June 2003 Corrected some broken links in the UK - Norfolk gallery.
9 May 2003 Added a WAP section to this site, and some html info about it.
9 May 2003 Added two extra photos to the Europe - Oostende gallery, including an extra one of some dancers which is quite funny.
8 May 2003 Added several photos to two of the UK galleries: Cambridge and London, which now runs to a second page.
8 May 2003 Added several photos the Australia - New England, NSW gallery.
8 May 2003 Added this What's New? page, so people know what's new ;-).

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