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Friends and family

-  Helen Duley
-  Brian May
-  Maurice de Perfossor


-  Debian GNU/Linux (USA)
-  Free Software Foundation (USA)
-  GNU Operating System (USA)
-  SDF Public Access UNIX (USA) (or maybe try SDF-EU Public Access Unix, if you live in the EU)
-  HUMBUG -- Home Unix Machine Brisbane User's Group (Australia)
-  Mozilla (USA)
-  Apple (USA)
-  Sun Microsystems (USA)
-  Jonathan Schwartz's weblog (CEO of Sun) (USA)

Science stuff

-  Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (UK)
-  Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney (Australia)
-  Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh (UK)
-  Australian botany pages at the Australian National Botanic Garden (Australia)
-  Natural History Museum (UK)
-  PlantNET (Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney) (Australia)
-  Australian Systematic Botany Society
-  University of California Museum of Paleontology (USA)
-  Entrez Cross Database Search (USA)
-  The Society for Archaeological Sciences (USA)
-  The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (UK)
-  The RSPB's A-Z of UK Birds (UK)
-  Plantlife (UK)
-  Geographical magazine (UK)
-  National Farmers' Union (UK)
-  Penguins in New Zealand (NZ)
-  UNE NCW Beadle Herbarium (Australia)
-  UNE Zoology Museum (Australia)
-  Australian Virtual Herbarium (Australia)
-  Australian Antarctic Division (Australia)
-  Linnean Society (UK)
-  Calculus for Beginners (USA)


-  Royal Photographic Society (UK)
-  Ansel Adams (USA)
-  The Luminous Landscape (Canada)
-  Charlie Waite (UK)
-  Niall Benvie (UK)
-  Laurie Campbell (UK)
-  Rob Gray Photography (Australia)
-  Arte Wolfe (USA)
-  Cloudmaker Photography (Australia)
-  Clyde and Niki Butcher (USA)
-  Bob Kolbe (USA)
-  UKLandscape.net (UK)

Arts and Humanities

-  Baroque in Hackney: Poetry, Arts and Culture by Katy Evans Bush (UK/USA)
-  The British Museum (UK)
-  The V&A Museum (UK)
-  Courtald Institute Gallery (UK)
-  The Tate Gallery (UK)
-  MaxOpus - Sir Peter Maxwell Davies ("Max") (UK)
-  Neil Gaiman (USA)
-  UNE Museum of Antiquities (Australia)
-  BBC Radio 3 (UK)
-  Val & John Lord's Prehistoric Experiences flint knapping site (UK)

Food and Wine

-  Decanter magazine (UK)
-  Drinkster by Philip White (Australia) - wine writing
-  Drankster by Philip White (Australia) - tasting notes
-  The Feiring Line by Alice Feiring (USA)
-  David Lebovitz: Living the Sweet Life in Paris (France/USA)

News and Current Affairs

-  The Guardian newspaper (UK) - the best newspaper on the net, in my view
-  George Monbiot (UK)
-  BBC News (UK)
-  ABC News (Australia)
-  Juan Cole's Informed Comment: Thoughts on the Middle East, History, and Religion (USA)


-  White pages: World time and dialling codes, Australian postcodes (Australia)
-  XE Universal Currency Converter


BirdLife International Save the Albatross Campaign

This page last updated Tuesday 25 July 2017
All photographs are Copyright (c) Gavin Duley 2007 onwards